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Where to Buy

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VisiVite AREDS2 Gold PLUS

50% more lutein and 137% more lutein than AREDS2. Bilberry, Zinc, Grapeseed extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-glutathione, Selenium, Vitamins B6, C and E $29.95 $39.95


VisiVite AREDS2 Select

The AREDS2 formula with 40 mg zinc. Naturally-sourced ingredients, including zeaxanthin from paprika. Vegetarian capsules. $23.95 $25.95


MaxiVision Ocular Formula

AREDS2 with 25 mg Zinc. "Proprietary blend" of additional ingredients unclear. Vegetarian capsules. Contains fish and soy. $22.75


Pure Encapsulations Eye Protect Basics

The AREDS2 formula with 25 mg zinc and additional fat-soluble Vitamin C. Vegetarian capsules. $21.90


Preservision AREDS2

The AREDS2 formula with synthetic Vitamin E and artificial colors. Animal gelatin softgels. $21.80


EyePromise Restore

Zeaxanthin-rich formula, but with low lutein and zinc that stray too far from AREDS2. Ethyl ester omega 3s not shown to be helpful in AREDS2 $35.95



The AREDS2 formula with additional Vitamin C. Animal gelatin capsules. $27.95


Viteyes AREDS2

Economical 90-day supply of AREDS2 with 25 mg Zinc. Animal gelatin capsules. Contains fish. $49.28


Lipotriad Visionary

Low-priced, low-zinc modified AREDS2. Ethyl ester omega 3s not shown to be helpful in AREDS2. Animal gelatin capsules. Contains fish and soy. 5:1 ratio of Lutein to Zeaxanthin suggestive of non-dietary form of zeaxanthin. $19.95


Pure Encapsulations Macular Support

Contains 25,000 IU beta-carotene, shown not to be beneficial in AREDS2 and unsafe for smokers. Vegetarian capsules. $45.60


Preserve Mac Forte

Only 15 mg zinc, which original AREDS showed was most important ingredient for success. $49.95